Lee and Sherry are Life, Relationship, Business and Spiritual Relationship Coaches.

The Relationship Reinvented™ Coaching Certification Program is a natural evolution of inspiring thousands, and coaching hundreds of individuals since they first started actively and consciously coaching in 2011.

Their focus on coaching is for people who desire positive changes in themselves with a focus on a transformational shift at a spiritual level.

Working with people who are ready and willing to claim self-responsibility for implementing the necessary internal changes, Lee and Sherry bring this same level of transformation in the Relationship Reinvented™ Coaching Certification Program.

Sherry and Lee say:

“It is our intention and desire to support and enhance the skills and resources that you already have, as well as give our professional advice when appropriate. We will work together to explore realistic options, establish a plan of action for moving the relationship forward, work through any barriers, thus assisting you and your partner to reach your full potential.”

If you’re inspired to work with others at a deep level, having gone there yourself and are actively evolving yourself ….. and you want to make a significant difference for others helping them with their own transportation at a spiritual level, then the Relationship Reinvented™ Coaching Certification Program may be for you.

The Relationship Reinvented™ Coaching Certification Program offers four levels of coaching courses:  1. Associate (RRAC), 2. Life (RRLC), 3. Root Camp™ (RRRCC), 4. Master (RRMC).  Only those who are certified at the RRLC (Relationship Reinvented Life Coach) level and above are Relationship Reinvented Certified Coaches.  

Great coaches believe in the potential of their clients. We believe in your potential – Do you?