​I do not live in the U.S. can I still take the course.
Of course, our courses are offered world wide. All course work is online.

How are the classes held and where?
The classes are held online via Skype.

How many credit hours is the program?
The entire course requirement is 40.5 hours

Student contact hours – clock hours spent in synchronous (real-time) interactions between faculty and students. This may include time spent in direct instruction (voice-to-voice, Skype, or in-person training), real-time discussions, observation and feedback of practice coaching sessions, and mentoring students.

Coach-specific training developed and delivered based on Relationship Reinvented Standards

Homework/Independent Study – clock hours spent outside of real-time interaction between faculty and students (asynchronous). These may include outside reading, writing, research, journaling, and various other activities that may occur outside of the synchronous setting. All asynchronous hours must be part of the training program and require some method of validating that the activity was completed by the student.​​

I’m 9 hrs ahead of you. Do you work within my time zone?
We will schedule class around you schedule and Time zone, Sometimes you will have class one on one with us, sometimes you will have class with others..

Can I sign up for RCC and MCC only?
You must start with ACC and move on to next Course upon completion.

I have not gone through Root Camp and I would Like to during the courses, how does this work with the discount?
Relationship Reinvented Root Camp is included in the course.

Is everyone accepted into the program?
Program is all about Mission, Changing the world, This is why we Skype with each Potential Coach Personally to see if they are a good fit for our mission and even to see if we are a good for for you 🙂