Instructors are those individuals that we trust implicitly to teach other Relationship Reinvented™ certified coaches as we are confident that they have integrated our approach to career, life and relationship, and spiritual coaching into their way of being.

At this time, Chaya Reich is our one active Instructor. Another way she contributes to the Relationship Reinvented coaching program is to mentor coaches, as well as monitor our coaching and other forums.

Chaya Reich ~ USA

Chaya is passionate about assisting the individual in redeveloping and transforming the most crucial of all relationships; the one to the self. Chaya will teach you to better understand the concept of self so you can better understand and assist your clients in discovering your true self, resulting in better life choices and outcomes.

Chaya believes identifying and understanding the dynamics of ego, how it affects the way we think and the way we behave is crucial in understanding both interpersonal relationships and the relationship we have to self.

As a survivor of childhood abuse and trauma, Chaya understands the need to understand the wounded inner child inside the floundering adult struggling through issues of abandonment, self-rejection, and trust. She will take you through the thought processes that surround these topics and how to stop the cycles they create within.

Chaya has a unique and powerful understanding of the dynamics of soul connections, how they influence thought, feeling, and behavior based on wounds within the self.

With a gentle teaching style, Chaya creates a safe space to learn and discuss the most sensitive of topics in a supportive nurturing environment.

If you’re interested in learning more about Chaya and perhaps scheduling a session with her, read more about her here.